Government Warns Of Hack Attacks After Era Change

Government warns of hack attacks after era change

People across Japan are heading back to work on Tuesday after a 10-day-long national holiday period. And they could face IT problems, as a government agency says hackers may be looking to take advantage of the era name change that happened during the break.

Cyberattacks against businesses and government offices tend to increase after a holiday period. Officials at the Information-technology Promotion Agency, or IPA, are urging people to be cautious about emails disguised as system-update requests, but which may contain viruses.

The IPA says these will likely ask recipients to click on an attachment, saying their computer needs to be updated to handle the new era name. The Reiwa era began on the accession of the new Emperor.

The IPA's Shinichiro Kagaya says hackers might claim to be from your company's IT department and that they need to make updates because of the era change.

Kagaya advises people to exercise caution when dealing with a backlog of emails, not to click on attachments and to ask someone if anything is unclear.

The IPA is also asking computer users to make sure their systems are up-to-date and that proper security measures are in place.