Govt. Approves Bill To Vet Disabled Workers

Govt. approves bill to vet disabled workers

Japan's government has approved a bill that will require central and local government offices to thoroughly screen people with disabilities before hiring them.

The Cabinet decided revisions to the law that promotes the employment of people with disabilities on Tuesday.

The bill would obligate central government ministries, agencies and local municipalities to confirm a job applicant's disabled status by verifying specific documents.

The labor ministry will be able to issue warnings to offices that do not abide by the procedures.

Government offices will be required to keep rosters of people with disabilities on their payroll and copies of their identification documents. They will also have to disclose how many disabled employees work for them.

The government aims to have the bill passed during the current Diet session.

The move comes after multiple ministries and agencies were found to have subjectively determined whether applicants had disabilities.

As of June 2017, 28 government offices, or more than 80 percent of them, were found to have inflated the number of people with disabilities on their payroll by about 3,700.