Govt. Designates Typhoon 'extraordinary Disaster'

Govt. designates typhoon 'extraordinary disaster'

As Japan continues to recover from Typhoon Hagibis, the government has designated the storm an extraordinary disaster, enabling victims to receive special support.

Rescue officials continue to search for nine people who are still missing. The death toll currently stands at 78.

About 4,000 people are still living in evacuation centers. In Miyagi prefecture, evacuees have been trying to stay warm in the cold weather. One makeshift solution has people making beds out of cardboard.

In central Japan, a temporary levee has been built along the Chikuma River. Two people were killed in the area and many others had to be rescued after their homes became flooded.

Weather officials are forecasting more rain in the coming days for northern and eastern Japan. They're urging people in the disaster-hit areas to stay on the alert, saying even small amounts of rain could trigger more flooding and landslides.