Govt. Falsely Doubled Disabled Staff Numbers

Govt. falsely doubled disabled staff numbers

NHK has learned that there are about half as many people with disabilities employed by the Japanese government's ministries as figures suggest.

Administrative institutions and businesses are required by law to hire a certain amount of people with disabilities. The labor and welfare ministry has been investigating government offices after it was learned that more than 10 had inflated their numbers.

Sources say the probe found that about 3,400 workers were counted as having disabilities, even though they did not carry the necessary identification.

In some cases, people were counted as having a disability based on the results of a health check-up.

Last year, 2.49 percent of people working at the central government's offices were said to have disabilities. That's higher than the required 2.3 percent. The latest probe is expected to bring the proportion down to less than 1.5 percent.

The ministry is expected to disclose the results of its investigation on Tuesday.