Govt. Preparing Wide - Ranging Stimulus

Govt. preparing wide-ranging stimulus

NHK has learned that the government's new spending package will include money to put power cables underground, promote tourism and help farmers benefit from free trade.

The stimulus is aimed at speeding up Japan's recovery from recent natural disasters and preparing for future economic risks.

The government's loan and investment scheme would fund the underground installation of electric cables. A recent typhoon knocked down utility poles in several areas, causing power outages.

Subsidies would also go to Tsushima City, a popular destination for South Korean tourists. But their number has dropped due to political and trade disputes between the two countries.

A new trade deal with the US will raise the quota on exports of low-tariff beef. The spending package calls for more support to small- and mid-scale cattle farmers to help them increase their production of "wagyu" beef.

Subsidies will go to people 65 or older who buy cars equipped with automatic-braking and other safety features. The measure is to reduce the number of traffic accidents caused by elderly drivers.

The set of stimulus measures is slated to be finalized next month.