Govt. To Extend Support To Kyoto Animation

Govt. to extend support to Kyoto Animation

Japan's Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga says the government plans to discuss how to extend support to the animation studio in Kyoto that suffered a deadly arson attack.

Suga's remarks come as a nonpartisan group of Japanese lawmakers that promotes animation production calls on the government to urgently take any possible measures to rescue the Kyoto Animation studio and its surviving staff from their plight.

The group wants the government to support the training of animators and production staff, as well as provide counseling for the survivors. It is also calling for tax breaks for the funds that have been donated to the studio.

Suga told reporters on Monday that officials from relevant ministries and agencies will study the consequences surrounding the studio before they draw up a compensation plan for the victims, and measures to help rebuild the studio.

Suga added that he heard of a specific issue the studio is facing, which is how to deal with the donations it is receiving from across Japan and overseas.