Govt. To Review Quota For Recommended Guests

Govt. to review quota for recommended guests

Japan's Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga has indicated that the government will review the quota set aside for lawmakers to invite guests to the prime minister's cherry blossom viewing party.

Critics say Prime Minister Shinzo Abe used taxpayer money for the annual event to entertain supporters from his constituency.

It has come to light that the Cabinet Office and the Cabinet Secretariat asked the prime minister, deputy prime minister, chief cabinet secretary, deputy chief cabinet secretaries and the governing parties to recommend guests for the event.

It has also been reported that early this year, the main governing Liberal Democratic Party told its Upper House lawmakers who were facing an election in July that they could invite acquaintances to the blossom viewing party.

Suga was asked about the reports on Tuesday and said he has yet to confirm them.

Reporters also asked whether the government plans to remove such a quota, which could benefit lawmakers facing elections. Suga responded that the government will consider it.