Govt. To Speed Up Hiring People With Disabilities

Govt. to speed up hiring people with disabilities

The Japanese government says it will set up a new employment system to ensure disabled people are hired in accordance with legal quotas. The move follows revelations of false reporting of disabled hiring by public institutions.

Members of the National Personnel Authority and other bodies met at the prime minister's office on Friday with 6 organizations of people with disabilities. Officials said they will accelerate reform efforts and establish the new system by the end of this fiscal year in March.

Administrative bodies and private businesses are legally required to employ a proportion of people with disabilities.

In the recent scandal, public institutions claimed to be employing about 6,800 disabled people. But they were found to have inflated the figure by 3,460.

Representatives of the disabled told the meeting the false reporting undermined government policy.

Kazuhiko Abe, president of the Japanese Federation of Organizations of the Disabled Persons, said the central government could provide a good example for private companies by taking the lead in establishing new hiring practices for disabled workers.