Greenhouse Gas Observing Satellite Launch In Oct.

Greenhouse gas observing satellite launch in Oct.

Japan's Environment Ministry says a new satellite to observe greenhouse gases will be launched on October 29th.

The Ibuki-2 satellite will succeed the first Ibuki satellite launched in 2009.

The launch is a joint project involving the Environment Ministry, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency and National Institute for Environmental Studies.

The ministry says the Ibuki-2 will be launched from the Tanegashima Space Center in Kagoshima Prefecture on an H2A rocket.

The new satellite will be able to measure carbon dioxide levels 8 times as accurately as the old one, due mainly to its higher-performance sensors.

The satellite will record levels of carbon dioxide, methane and carbon monoxide from space. It is capable of distinguishing whether carbon dioxide is being released from animals and other natural sources, or discharged artificially from factories and other man-made sources.

Environment Minister Masaharu Nakagawa told reporters on Tuesday that some developing countries do not have a proper system to estimate their greenhouse gas emissions.

He said he hopes the Ibuki-2 data will contribute to global efforts to address climate change by verifying the amounts of greenhouse gas emissions reported by other countries based on the Paris Agreement.