Hagibis Causes Stoppage Of Water Services

Hagibis causes stoppage of water services

Almost 14,000 households in eight prefectures are without water supplies in the wake of the storm Hagibis.

As of 5:00 a.m. Sunday, 4,540 households in Marumori in Miyagi Prefecture do not have tap water service. Also 4,200 households in Tsukubamirai in Ibaraki Prefecture, 1,200 in Kanra in Gunma Prefecture and Yamakita in Kanagawa Prefecture are without tap water.

Water supply disruptions have also been reported in Nagano, Saitama and Chiba prefectures.

Health ministry officials say two hospitals in both Fukushima and Tochigi prefectures and one hospital in each of Tokyo and Nagano prefectures are flooded.

They also say power has been lost at nine hospitals in Kanagawa Prefecture, four in Tochigi Prefecture, three each in Tokyo and Nagano prefectures and one in Saitama Prefecture.