Hagibis Leaves No Foreign Casualties In Fukushima

Hagibis leaves no foreign casualties in Fukushima

NHK has learned that municipal authorities in Fukushima Prefecture have received no reports of foreign residents or tourists being injured or evacuating to shelters due to Typhoon Hagibis.

NHK contacted 22 municipalities in Fukushima, one of the prefectures hit hardest by Hagibis. Many of the municipalities set up evacuation shelters before or after a levee of the Abukuma River collapsed due to torrential rain, sending floodwater over vast areas.

Fukushima prefectural authorities say 14,053 foreigners live in the prefecture, and that they include 3,647 Chinese and 2,735 Filipinos.

Fukushima International Association has established a support desk for foreign residents. The service is available in six languages -- English, Chinese, Korean, Tagalog, Vietnamese and Portuguese. Its phone number is 024-524-1316.

Authorities in the city of Koriyama are offering information on a website called "Koriyama City Foreign Language Portal." It is usually available in five languages -- Spanish, Portuguese, English, Korean and Chinese --but has added services in three more -- Vietnamese, Tagalog, and Thai.

The international association operated by the city of Iwaki is also giving advice. The service is available in four languages -- English, Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese. Its phone number is 0246-22-7409.