Hakuho Obtains Japanese Nationality

Hakuho obtains Japanese nationality

Yokozuna grand champion Hakuho has announced that he has obtained Japanese nationality.

The top sumo champion from Mongolia told reporters that as of Tuesday, his name is Sho Hakuho.

He said he came to Japan when he was 15, and while many people may now think that he is someone special, he wasn't back then, and he had to train every day to become strong. Hakuho said he is where he is today because he spent the past 18 years focusing exclusively on sumo.

Referring to his decision to give up his Mongolian nationality, Hakuho said he can love Japan because he loves his home country Mongolia. He said he can love the people of Japan because he loves his parents and brothers.

Hakuho, who is now qualified to become a stable master, said he has been focusing on his own sumo, but from now on, he has another option.

He said one way to show his gratitude is to nurture powerful sumo wrestlers and present them to the Japan Sumo Association and the fans.

Hakuho said in the upcoming autumn tournament, he will try not to do anything to embarrass himself as a Japanese person. He said he has carried Mongolia on his shoulders, but from now on, he will be burdened with both countries, and it feels heavy.