Harassment Recognized As Cause Of Worker Suicide

Harassment recognized as cause of worker suicide

Japan's labor officials have recognized power harassment as the cause of a Toyota Motor employee's suicide.

Lawyers for the family say the man joined the car manufacturer four years ago and started working at the head office in the vehicle design section.

They say he was frequently scolded by his boss who called him an idiot and said he should die. The young man was reportedly diagnosed with an adjustment disorder.

Three years ago, the employee took a three-month leave of absence. When he returned to work he was assigned to a different group, but told his colleagues that he wanted to die. In 2017, at the age of 28, the man took his own life in the company dormitory.

His family applied for worker compensation in March, and the labor standards inspectors recognized power harassment as the cause of his death.

The family released a statement that said they have yet to come to terms with the death of their son, who they raised to the best of their ability. They said they hope Toyota will take this opportunity to improve its work environment.

Toyota Motor issued a statement expressing its condolences. The company said it takes the labor office decision sincerely and will continue to work hard to prevent worker accidents and manage the health of employees.