Haruki Murakami To Release New Novel Titled 'killing Commendatore'

Haruki Murakami to release new novel titled 'Killing Commendatore'Japanese novelist Haruki Murakami will release a new novel titled "Killing Commendatore" on Feb. 24, its publisher Shinchosha Publishing Co. said Tuesday, his first multivolume novel in seven years.
The novel, comprising two books, is priced at 1,944 yen ($16.77), tax included, said Shinchosha, via which Murakami, 67, released in 2009 and 2010 a long excerpt from "Book 1" through "Book 3" of his novel "1Q84."

Murakami, one of Japan's best-known contemporary novelists and often touted as a candidate for the Novel Prize in literature, released the novel "Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage" in April 2013, and a collection of short stories entitled "Onna no Inai Otokotachi" (Men Without Women) in April 2014. The two books were published by Bungeishunju Ltd.

Shinchosha had announced in late November that Murakami will release a new novel in February. At that time the publisher did not disclose details including the title.