Hayabusa2 To Make 2 More Landings On Asteroid

Hayabusa2 to make 2 more landings on asteroid

Japan's space agency JAXA says its space probe Hayabusa2 is scheduled to make one or two more landings on the asteroid Ryugu before July.

Officials say one attempt will be the first of its kind, involving the use of a device called an impactor to create a crater-like hole on the surface.

They say they plan to have the Hayabusa2 land there and collect rock samples from the inside of the asteroid.

The Hayabusa2 successfully touched down on the asteroid, some 340-million kilometers from Earth, on Friday morning, Japan time.

Officials say the probe has likely collected rock samples as planned.
They say they will be analyzing massive amounts of data that the Hayabusa2 will be sending over the next few days. They say it will shed light on aspects of Ryugu, such as the hardness of its surface.

Project manager Yuichi Tsuda says they are relieved that the first landing was successful, but there are still many things that they need to do.

He says one will involve the impactor and they will be conducting studies and drawing up plans to create the crater.