Heavy Rain Expected In Western, Eastern Japan

Heavy rain expected in western, eastern Japan

Heavy rain is pounding parts of northern Kyushu. Weather officials warn that wide areas of western and eastern Japan may also be hit through Sunday.

The Meteorological Agency says a lingering seasonal rain front and a low pressure system are making atmospheric conditions unstable in western Japan.

Unzen City, Nagasaki Prefecture observed 79 millimeters of hourly rainfall. Kurogimachi in Yame City, Fukuoka Prefecture observed 40 millimeters.

The risk of landslides has increased in parts of Oita and Fukuoka prefectures.

In the 24-hour period through Saturday morning, 300 millimeters of rainfall is forecast in Kyushu, 250 millimeters in Shikoku, 200 millimeters in Chugoku, and 100 millimeters in the Kinki, Hokuriku and Tokai regions.

Weather officials are urging people to stay on the alert for landslides, overflowing rivers and flooding in low-lying areas. They are also warning of lightning strikes and sudden gusts of wind including tornadoes.

In Kyushu and other areas recently hit by torrential rains, small amounts of rain could trigger disasters. Officials are urging people to pay attention to evacuation information issued by local governments and to flee early.