Heavy Rain May Hit Parts Of Kanto And Tohoku

Heavy rain may hit parts of Kanto and Tohoku

Heavy rain is expected in parts of central, eastern and northeastern Japan on Friday evening and Saturday. Weather officials say there is a risk of flooding and mudslides, especially in areas that were hit by Typhoon Hagibis last weekend.

The Meteorological Agency is predicting heavy rain in parts of Shizuoka Prefecture, central Japan, from late Friday night through early Saturday. Heavy rain is also forecast for the Kanto-Koshin region in central and eastern Japan on Saturday morning, and northeastern Japan on Saturday morning and afternoon.

The agency says the total amount of rainfall could reach 300 millimeters in the Izu Islands, 200 millimeters in Shizuoka Prefecture and 150 millimeters in some parts of the Kanto-Koshin region and Pacific coastal areas of northeastern Japan.

More flooding could occur in areas with levees that were damaged by heavy rain brought by the typhoon. Workers are busy carrying out emergency repairs.