Heavy Rain Slows Typhoon Recovery Work

Heavy rain slows typhoon recovery work

It's been a week since Typhoon Faxai hit Chiba prefecture near Tokyo. Recovery work has been slowed by another bout of heavy rain.

Some areas in Chiba had downpours of 50 millimeters per hour on Monday morning. Many houses still have roof damage.

Poles from a golf practice range are still embedded in nearby houses. The poles and netting collapsed a week ago have not been removed. The roofs cannot be repaired and the interiors were exposed to the rain.

A nearby resident says the poles appear to be getting wedged deeper into the houses as the days pass. Many people are still lacking electricity, water, and phone service.

Tokyo Electric Power Company says around 70,000 households still have no electricity. The company says it will take until September 27 to get the lights back on in about 20 municipalities.

Nearly 15,000 houses still had no tap water as of Sunday.

In Minamiboso City, the water supply had resumed by Sunday. But the water is not clear. Some people are reluctant to use that water from their taps. They say they are using bottled water to prepare meals and wash dishes.

Mobile phone services are also disrupted in southern areas of Chiba Prefecture .

Care should be taken when covering damaged roofs with plastic sheets. A man in his 60s died last Tuesday after falling off his roof while making repairs.

In all, 42 people have been treated at hospitals for injuries incurred while repairing their roofs.