Heavy Rains Expected Across Much Of Japan

Heavy rains expected across much of Japan

Weather officials are warning of heavy rains across much of Japan, mainly in northern Kyushu, through Thursday.

The Meteorological Agency is urging people to watch out for mudslides and river flooding.

The agency issued alerts for rain-triggered disasters in the Kyushu region. Before noon on Tuesday, areas around two cities in Nagasaki Prefecture were estimated to have gotten as much as 110 millimeters of rainfall in one hour.

Mudslide warnings have been issued for parts of Nagasaki, Saga and Fukuoka prefectures.

Flood alerts have been issued for some rivers in Saga and Fukuoka.

The rain front is forecast to hover over western and eastern Japan through Thursday, causing unstable atmospheric conditions over much of the country and bringing heavy rains to many areas. Localized downpours are expected in northern Kyushu.

In the 24 hours through Wednesday evening, up to 250 millimeters of rain is expected in northern Kyushu, 200 millimeters in Tokai,180 millimeters in Kansai, and 150 millimeters in Shikoku, Chugoku, Hokuriku and Kanto-Koshin.

In the following 24 hours through Thursday evening, northern Kyushu, Tokai and Hokuriku are forecast to get up to 150 millimeters of rain, and Chugoku and Kansai will likely get up to 100 millimeters.

Weather officials are warning of mudslides, flooding in low-lying areas, as well as lightning and gusts of wind.