High School Mails Wrong Entrance Exam Results

High school mails wrong entrance exam results

A public senior high school near Tokyo has apologized after sending the wrong entrance exam results to all 85 applicants for its physical education course.

Funabashi Municipal High School in Funabashi City, Chiba Prefecture, says the successful applicants got failure notices and the unsuccessful ones received acceptance letters.

The school published the results of its entrance examinations on Tuesday on the bulletin board at the school and on its website. The results were also sent to the applicants by post.

The family of one of the successful applicants complained to the school on Wednesday that the website showed the child had passed, but a letter of rejection was delivered.
The school says the results on the bulletin board and the website were correct, but the wrong letters were mistakenly sent to the applicants.

The school had reportedly prepared two letters for each applicant, and sent one of them after pass or fail judgments were made.

It says multiple school officials were responsible for sending the letters.

The school has apologized to the applicants and their guardians, and has sent them the correct results.

It says it will make sure thorough checks are carried out in future to prevent a recurrence.