High Speed Train Forum Held In California

High speed train forum held in CaliforniaRepresentatives from railway industries in Japan and the United States met in San Jose, California to discuss the economic benefits and changes in lifestyles that a high-speed railway brings.

Plans are underway to start a high-speed railway service between Los Angeles and San Francisco in 2029.

A Japanese consortium made up of East Japan Railway Company, Kawasaki Heavy Industries and other major firms aims to win the contract.

An organization of Japanese entrepreneurs in San Jose held a forum to promote Japan's high-speed railway technology on Friday.

More than 100 university students and representatives of railway industries from both countries attended the event.
East Japan Railway Company executive Masaki Ogata explained in detail about the safety and punctuality of Japanese high-speed trains, and the economic benefits they bring.

The students presented various ideas, such as creating a relaxing atmosphere inside the cars, similar to an airport lounge.

California High Speed Rail Authority Chair Dan Richard said Japan's high-speed trains are safe and quake-resistant. He said China, Spain and Germany are also showing interest in the project.

Preparations for the construction of the railway have started in some areas. Competition over the contract is expected to heat up.