Highs To Reach 39 Degrees In Some Parts Of Japan

Highs to reach 39 degrees in some parts of Japan

Extreme heat is expected to continue across Japan on Thursday, with highs of 39 degrees Celsius forecast in some areas.

The Meteorological Agency says temperatures are being pushed up nationwide by a dominant high-pressure system.

They had already topped 30 degrees by 8:30 AM at several locations.

Expected daytime highs are 39 degrees for Maebashi and Kumagaya, north of Tokyo, 38 degrees for Nagoya and Kyoto, 37 degrees for Fukushima and Yamaguchi, 36 degrees for Okayama and Hiroshima, and 35 degrees for Tokyo and Osaka.

People in areas affected by extreme heat should use air conditioners and avoid daytime exercise. They also need to keep hydrated and take salt to avoid heatstroke.