Hiroshima A - Bomb Museum Reopens With New Exhibits

Hiroshima A-bomb museum reopens with new exhibits

A museum in the atomic-bombed Japanese city of Hiroshima has reopened after replacing many of its regular exhibits.

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum has about 100,000 items related to the 1945 bombing, including articles donated by survivors and the families of the deceased and photos from the time.

It reopened on Saturday after closing for three days for its first major rearrangement since its renewal in 2019.

All exhibits have been replaced in the area that shows articles left behind by children who died after being mobilized to work in factories.

New exhibits include bags and uniforms of children who are believed to have died near the ground zero but whose bodies have not been found.

In the area that focuses on individual victims of the bombing, a uniform and a lunch box belonging to a girl who died at age 13 were on display. A message written by her family says these articles symbolize the ravages of war, and her family hopes visitors will think about how they would feel if it happened to them.

A man in his 50s visiting from Yokohama City, near Tokyo, says as a father, it was hard to look at the exhibits. He said he used to think nuclear weapons were a necessary evil but he now realizes that they should not exist.