H.i.s. Cancels Wedding Tours For 260 Couples

H.I.S. cancels wedding tours for 260 couples

Japanese travel agency H.I.S. has canceled wedding package tours to Hawaii for 260 couples due to delays in venue construction.

The company says the couples had made reservations for the tours up to September of next year. The tours went on sale last December.

The facility on the island of Oahu was to open on September 1st.

H.I.S. says the operator of the facility gave notice of the delay on August 15th, citing bad weather and other reasons.

The company adds that it will compensate and give refunds to its customers, as well as change venues if requested.

H.I.S. says it apologizes for causing "grave concern and inconvenience" to customers and others.

One customer told NHK that he is refusing to accept compensation, on the grounds that the company's dealings with him are insincere. He says there may have been a better solution if it had informed him of the delay earlier.