Hokkaido Quake Leaves Many People Stranded

Hokkaido quake leaves many people stranded

The strong earthquake in Hokkaido on Thursday has left a number of people stranded. The authorities have confronted the problem by opening provisional shelters.

The Hokkaido Railway Company, also known as JR Hokkaido, says passengers remain on several trains that stopped between Minami-Chitose and New Chitose Airport and elsewhere.

Airport authorities say no flights have been affected, but about 120 people weren't able to leave due to the suspension of train services.

The airport's operator set aside part of a terminal building as a shelter for them. Officials provided them with blankets, water, and food. They say all are healthy.

Regular service on Sapporo's subway system was suspended, leaving people seeking other ways to get home. The subway's operator is attempting to get things back to normal before the first scheduled run on Friday.

Dozens of people formed a long line at a taxi stop in an entertainment district while others headed home on foot.

Sapporo city authorities say they are preparing an underground passageway linking the subway's Sapporo Station and Odori Station as a shelter for those who cannot make it home.

They also opened a shelter in a multi-purpose complex, Sapporo Sosei Square, in Chuo Ward.