Hokuriku Shinkansen Recovery May Take 1 To 2 Weeks

Hokuriku Shinkansen recovery may take 1 to 2 weeks

The operator of the Hokuriku Shinkansen bullet train says it will be one or two weeks before operations along its entire route are restored due to disruptions caused by Typhoon Hagibis over the weekend.

The Hokuriku Shinkansen connects Tokyo with the central Japanese city of Kanazawa, via Nagano.

East Japan Railways says service remains suspended on Tuesday between Nagano and Joetsumyoko, two stations to the north.

The typhoon also flooded a bullet train depot in Nagano City, damaging 120 cars -- about a third of all the line's cars.

The operator says because of a shortage of cars, the Hokuriku Shinkansen will only be able to operate at 50 to 60 percent capacity, even after service is resumed for the entire line between Tokyo and Kanazawa.