How Ghosn Spends Time At Detention House

How Ghosn spends time at detention house

Former Nissan Motor chairman Carlos Ghosn has spent 50 days in detention since he was first arrested in November for suspected financial misconduct.

His lawyer says Ghosn was told at the end of last year that he could request a procedure to deliver his opinion in an open court. The defendant reportedly said he wants to express his thoughts in his own words in front of judges.

The lawyer also says Ghosn is suffering from no health problems and appears calm, but that he has lost quite a lot of weight and his face looks thinner.

The former chairman asked the lawyer when he could be released on bail.

Prosecutors continued questioning him during the New Year's holidays.

Ghosn is said he is writing down the content of the questioning in his cell every day, and reports it to his lawyer as they work on his case.

When he is not meeting with prosecutors or his lawyer, Ghosn spends his time reading the more than 10 English books that have been sent to him.

He also sometimes asks the lawyer to buy books from overseas on the Internet.