Humanoid Robots Tour Northern Japan

Humanoid robots tour northern Japan

A group of mini-humanoid robots with artificial intelligence took a trip to Japan's northern prefecture of Aomori on their owners' behalf.

A total of 50 RoBoHon robots from across the country started the trip at a train station in Aomori's Mutsu City on Monday. It was organized by electronics firm Sharp, which manufactures and markets the RoBoHon.

The robots visited the city hall, where they were greeted by Mayor Soichiro Miyashita.

He described welcoming the robot tourists as an "historic moment" for the city. The robots performed a dance in return.

The robots posed for pictures at each of seven sightseeing spots they visited, including Mount Osorezan, one of the country's most sacred places.

The photos were shared in real time with their owners.

Taking souvenirs with them, the robots will head home on Tuesday.

An organizer said she believes the event will help to highlight tourism resources in rural areas.