Ichiro Suzuki Ends Career

Ichiro Suzuki ends career

The Seattle Mariners' veteran baseball player Ichiro Suzuki has announced he is retiring.

The ace batter and outfielder made his last appearance in the opening series game on Thursday in Tokyo.

Ichiro held a news conference after the game. He said, " I have decided to end my career as a professional baseball player. I made the decision during the latter half of the training camp. My contract was set to expire after this opening series in 2019. I could not achieve results I wanted during the pre-season and I could not recover."

Forty-five-year-old Ichiro ended with no hits in the series against the Oakland Athletics.

Earlier this week, Ichiro described the vibe and his fans in Tokyo as awesome.

A special ceremony was held during Thursday's game. When the coach subbed Ichiro out of right field in the 8th inning, his teammates honored him with hugs.

Ichiro started his career in 1992 in the Japanese professional league. He moved to the US major leagues in 2001.

The outfielder holds multiple MLB records. In his first season, he broke the rookie hit record with 242.

In 2010, Ichiro became the first Major League player to top 200 hits each year for a decade. In 2016, he became the thirtieth player in MLB history to reach 3,000 hits.

The legendary outfielder last year became the Mariners' special assistant to the chairman.