Imperial Couple Visit Mausoleum Of Emperor Jinmu

Imperial couple visit mausoleum of Emperor Jinmu

Japan's Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko have paid their respects at the mausoleum of Emperor Jinmu. The visit was one of the ceremonies leading up to the Emperor's abdication on April 30.

The Emperor and Empress were in Kyoto on Monday before traveling by train to Kashihara City in Nara Prefecture on Tuesday. The couple were then driven to the tomb of the legendary first emperor.

Dressed in formal attire and guided by an Imperial Household Agency official, the Emperor walked slowly to the altar. There, he offered a sprig of a sacred tree and bowed deeply. The Empress followed suit.

The Emperor previously visited the mausoleum along with the Empress in December 1990 to report on his accession to the throne.