Imperial Couple Visits Tomb Of Emperor Showa

Imperial couple visits tomb of Emperor Showa

Japan's Emperor and Empress have visited the tomb of the late Emperor Showa.

Emperor Showa, the father of Emperor Akihito, passed away on January seventh, 1989, and Crown Prince Akihito acceded to the throne.

On Monday, marking the 30th anniversary of the occasion, Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko paid their respects at the Musashi Imperial Mausolea Grounds in Hachioji city on the outskirts of Tokyo.

More than 80 people attended the memorial ceremony including members of the Imperial family and government officials.

The Emperor walked up to the tomb with his second son Prince Akishino. They offered sprigs from the holy "sakaki" tree.

The Emperor read out a message in classical Japanese praying that the state and the nation will be protected and prosper further.

The Empress and members of the Imperial family then paid their respects to the late Emperor Showa.

On February 24th, the Imperial couple will attend a ceremony hosted by the government to mark the Emperor's 30th year on the throne.