Inquiries Concering Child Abuse Soar

Inquiries concering child abuse soar

A Japanese non-profit organization says it has received twice the usual number of email inquiries in relation to child abuse since police said domestic abuse is suspected in the death of a girl in Chiba Prefecture.

Child Abuse Prevention Network Aichi, or CAPNA, has been receiving an average of more than seven inquiries a day since police arrested the father of 10-year-old Mia Kurihara last month.

Police believe he inflicted injuries that led to the girl's death.

CAPNA says at least 24 percent of the inquiries were sent by people under 18 years old. It says many children say their parents are being violent and ask if it constitutes abuse.

Counselors say many of these children are sending the mail because they have begun to realize that they are being abused.

The group says it will work harder to encourage victims of child abuse to speak up.

Group official Tomohiko Kaneda says he suspects many more cases of abuse have not been uncovered. He says it is important to let children know there are many people they can go to for help.