Intense Heat Continues Across Japan

Intense heat continues across Japan

Unseasonably hot weather continues in many parts of Japan on Monday.

Weather officials say a warm air mass is staying over the country after bringing record temperatures for the month of May to the northern prefecture of Hokkaido on Sunday.

The temperature in Obihiro City in eastern Hokkaido reached 35.5 degrees Celsius on Monday. The daytime high rose to around 39 degrees on Sunday in a number of places in Hokkaido.

In other parts of Japan, the mercury rose to 32.3 degrees in Nagoya and 31.7 degrees in central Tokyo.

Daytime highs of more than 30 degrees have been observed in central Tokyo for four consecutive days for the first time in the month of May.

The Meteorological Agency notes that people are not used to hot weather at this time of the year. It says they should keep hydrated, use air conditioning and avoid direct sunlight.