Intense Heat To Continue Across Japan

Intense heat to continue across Japan

Intense heat continues to grip much of Japan, with temperatures soaring to record levels.

The hot weather is expected to continue on Saturday. The Meteorological Agency says daytime highs could reach 39 degrees Celsius in the city of Kyoto, 38 degrees in Gifu and Kofu, 37 degrees in Osaka and Nagoya, 36 degrees in Hiroshima and 35 degrees in central Tokyo.

Weather officials say the highest temperatures on Friday were mainly observed in the central region. The mercury hit 40.3 degrees in Nagoya, a new high for the city since record-keeping began 128 years ago.

There have been many heatstroke-related deaths nationwide. Experts are urging people to use air conditioners, stay hydrated and take salt, and avoid exercise during the day.