Ioc Bach: Prep For 2020 Tokyo Games Going Well

IOC Bach: Prep for 2020 Tokyo games going well

International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach says preparations for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games appear to be going well and that he hopes to visit disaster-hit Fukushima in northeastern Japan.

Bach gave an exclusive interview to NHK in Lausanne, Switzerland, 2 years ahead of the opening of the Tokyo Olympics on July 24th, 2020.

The IOC chief noted that the schedules for the Olympic torch relay and the events have been determined. He said preparations for the Games are going very well and that he foresees success in many aspects.

Bach said he hopes to visit the prefecture of Fukushima during his trip to Japan for an executive board meeting of the IOC in November.

He said he wants to show solidarity with the people in the region and to assist in its reconstruction.

Japan has positioned the 2020 Olympics as a symbol of recovery from the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster in 2011. Fukushima will be the starting point of the torch relay and will host the first events of the Games.

Bach also commented on the IOC's plan to support reconciliation on the Korean Peninsula and the possibility of North and South Korea taking part as a joint team.

He said it's too early to tell the form in which the 2 Koreas will participate, but that discussions will be held at the right time with the countries' national Olympic committees.

At the PyeongChang Olympics in February, North and South Korea marched under a unified flag and played in a joint Korean women's ice hockey team.