Ipc Chief: No Problems With 2020 Paralympic Medals

IPC chief: No problems with 2020 Paralympic medals

The head of the International Paralympic Committee has dismissed South Korea's claim that the medals for the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics should be changed because their design allegedly resembles the "Rising Sun" flag.

IPC President Andrew Parsons spoke with reporters on Thursday after meeting in Tokyo with delegates of the nations and territories that will take part in the games.

Parsons said South Korea's Paralympic Committee requested a design review at the meeting. The country regards the "Rising Sun" flag as a symbol of Japan's wartime past.

Parsons said the medals use Japanese folding fans as a motif and are beautifully designed. He said the IPC believes there is no need for a review.

Parsons said he also received a letter from South Korea on Wednesday requesting a ban on bringing the "Rising Sun" flag into the venues for the Tokyo Paralympics.

Parsons said the IPC does not have such rules in particular. He said the issue belongs to politics, and he has no intention of mixing up politics and sports.

South Korea's sports ministry has also asked the International Olympic Committee to ban the flag at the Tokyo Games.

The ministry says the flag is a political symbol that reminds people of historic scars and pain.

The IOC has responded that sports stadiums should be free of any political demonstrations, and it will look at any concerns that arise at the Games on a case-by-case basis.

The Japanese organizers of the Olympics and Paralympics say there's no political issue behind the use of the flag.