Japan Approves Draft Of New It Policy Guidelines

Japan approves draft of new IT policy guidelines

The Japanese government has approved a draft of its new IT policy guidelines that call for creating an international framework for data sharing.

The move comes amid growing concerns over massive data collections by overseas IT giants.

Relevant Cabinet ministers approved the draft guidelines on how to use data and protect personal information at a meeting on Wednesday.

They say the government will call on countries to set up a framework for sharing corporate and personal data while maintaining information security.

They say it is considering imposing fines in cases of inappropriate handling of data.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said data is a new resource in the age of artificial intelligence and big data.

He said an environment should be created for data to be freely shared under fair and reciprocal rules that ensure security and protect privacy.

He also said Japan should spearhead global efforts toward such free and open data sharing.