Japan Approves Sale Of Liquid Baby Formula

Japan approves sale of liquid baby formula

Japanese authorities have laid down requirements for the production and sale of liquid baby formula, opening the door to the Japanese market.

This type of formula is easy to use because it doesn't require dissolving powder in hot water. It can also be stored at room temperature. It is widely available overseas but not in Japan, which lacks relevant safety regulations.

A health ministry ordinance including new safety regulations for infant formulas was put into effect on Wednesday.

The regulations require that the formulas be sold in metal, plastic or carton containers. They are also required to be pasteurized at 120 degrees Celsius for 4 minutes.

Also on Wednesday, the Consumer Affairs Agency began accepting applications for labeling products as suited for babies.

However, the Japan Dairy Industry Association says it will take one to 2 years before the formulas can be brought to market in Japan, citing the time needed to develop products.