Japan - Assisted Tech Univ. Opens Campus In Egypt

Japan-assisted tech univ. opens campus in Egypt

An Egyptian science and technology university established with assistance from Japan held a ceremony on Monday to mark the opening of a new campus.

Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology, or E-JUST, was founded nine years ago, with the goal of nurturing studies in science, engineering and international business. It now has more than 500 graduate and undergraduate students.

Guests from both Egypt and Japan attended an opening ceremony to celebrate the university's new main campus, which opened in September in the suburbs of Alexandria.

E-JUST President Ahmed El Gohary said in his speech that the new campus is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, which are also environment-friendly.

He added that he hopes the new facilities will help deepen students' academic abilities.

The university has two undergraduate faculties and a range of postgraduate study options. Japan has sent lecturers and provided research equipment. More than 100 labs are scheduled to open there in the future.

From next year, the university plans to accept 50 students annually from other parts of Africa under a scholarship program.

A female Egyptian student said Japanese teachers provide good lectures which are easy to understand, adding that she enjoys her campus life.