Japan Braces For Heavy Rains As Krosa Nears

Japan braces for heavy rains as Krosa nears

Weather officials in Japan are warning of heavy rains as severe tropical storm Krosa approaches the western part of the country. They say it could make landfall by Thursday.

The Meteorological Agency expects winds of up to 110 kilometers per hour, with gusts reaching 160 kilometers per hour in the southern part of the Kyushu region through Wednesday. The officials also expect waves of up to 10 meters off the Shikoku region.

The officials say the rain will intensify from Wednesday. They say some areas on the Pacific coast of western and eastern Japan may have localized downpours of more than 80 millimeters per hour.

They say heavy rains may continue even after the storm moves off, and that some areas could see overall precipitation of 1,000 millimeters.

Many people in Japan are now out vacationing during the Bon summer holiday period.

Officials are advising the holidaymakers to check the latest updates and to watch for stormy weather, which may bring floods and landslides.

The storm could disrupt transportation systems. Railway operators in western Japan say they may be forced to suspend services on Wednesday and Thursday.

Airlines are also asking passengers to check for flight cancelations. They advise people to check online for updates.