Japan Carefully Monitoring Growth In Virus Cases

Japan carefully monitoring growth in virus cases

Japan will carefully explore the possibility of declaring a state of emergency over the coronavirus outbreak, with the growth in new cases and the economic implications in mind.

On Monday, a member of a government advisory panel revealed that a majority of the members are in favor of making a declaration. He said many believe that it will be too late for the country to do so after seeing an explosive increase in cases.

Meanwhile, Japan's Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga Yoshihide said Japan has managed to keep the outbreak under control.

Suga said the government is committed to preventing the spread of infection by working even more closely with municipalities across the country.

The government believes that the nation has yet to reach a point where an emergency declaration is necessary. It says that the Japanese capital has so far had a small number of cases relative to the size of its population. It also says the routes of transmission have been tracked down to a certain extent.

The government has also denied a possible lockdown of cities at this moment.

But the government thinks Japan is at risk of experiencing an explosive surge in new cases, so it is moving to step up restrictions on its border.

Japan plans to include in its list of entry denials foreigners arriving from the United States, China and South Korea as well as most parts of Europe and some parts of Southeast Asia.