Japan, China To Fight African Swine Fever Together

Japan, China to fight African swine fever together

Japan is stepping up measures to prevent African swine fever from entering the country with help from China.

Outbreaks of the disease have been reported in China and other parts of Asia, but no cases have been confirmed in Japan.

Agriculture Minister Taku Eto told reporters on Tuesday that his ministry and China's government office in charge of quarantine have signed a memorandum.

He said the two countries will discuss ways to prevent travelers from illegally transporting pork and work closer together in technical areas.

In particular, Chinese travelers will be informed that they are not allowed to bring unauthorized pork into Japan, even if it is for personal consumption.

Japan's agriculture ministry says the African swine fever virus genome has been detected in sausages and other pork products from China at airports and ports across Japan since October of last year.