Japan Considering Sending Sdf Officials To Sinai

Japan considering sending SDF officials to Sinai

A special advisor to Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has visited the Sinai Peninsula in eastern Egypt to assess the security situation there.

Japan is considering sending several senior Ground Self-Defense Force officials to the headquarters of the Multinational Force and Observers, which is monitoring a ceasefire between Egypt and Israel.

Participating countries include the United States and Italy.

Kentaro Sonoura visited the MFO camps near El Gorah in northern Sinai and Sharm el Sheikh in the southern part of the peninsula on Saturday.

He told reporters on Sunday in Cairo that if SDF officials are to be sent, they will go to the camp in southern Sinai.

He said he got the impression that the security situation is stable in the southern region.

As for the northern area, which has seen frequent terrorist attacks, he said a commander at the camp told him that Egyptian forces are conducting operations to drive out the terrorists.

He will report back to the Japanese government, which will then further analyze the situation.

The dispatch would be the SDF's first international peacekeeping activity under new Japanese security legislation that was approved by the Diet four years ago.