Japan Floods: Scope Of Disaster Becomes Clearer

Japan floods: Scope of disaster becomes clearer

In western Japan, more than 180 people are dead and dozens are still missing almost a week after torrential rain led to flooding and landslides. Now, there are new fears that reservoirs in Hiroshima Prefecture could burst amid rising water levels.

Officials have ordered people in the cities of Higashihiroshima and Fuchu to evacuate their homes. It comes following reports that separate reservoirs burst on Wednesday. That turned out not to be the case.

We're getting a better sense of the damage.

Officials say at least 140,000 homes and buildings have been damaged because of flooding in Okayama Prefecture... one of the hardest-hit areas.

Almost 240,000 homes have been cut off from water in western Japan. That's led to long lines at water trucks.

The water shortages come amid another challenge... rising temperatures.

Japan's Meteorological Agency says daytime highs could reach around 35 degrees in the next week or so.
The humidity is already high.

The health ministry is also warning about the potential for food poisoning. It says, in the past, people have become sick after eating food that was left out too long at shelters.