Japan Govt. Releases Some Information On Tpp Talks

Japan govt. releases some information on TPP talksThe Japanese government has posted on its website information on the ongoing Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade negotiations.
The move follows calls from opposition parties and industry groups for the information to be disclosed. The Democratic Party and the Japan Innovation Party had jointly submitted a bill obliging the government to report progress in the TPP negotiations to the Diet.

The government says the information on the free trade talks has been posted on the website of its TPP task force. It says on the website that negotiations are ongoing to work out an agreement document consisting of 29 chapters covering 21 areas.

The website provides an outline of each area of the negotiations, but offers few details on progress or the agreements made so far.

Government sources say talks have been concluded in 7 areas, making up 10 chapters of the agreement document. These include streamlining customs procedures and accelerating entry procedures for business people traveling abroad.

The government task force says it cannot release more information due to a confidentiality agreement among the countries taking part in the negotiations.