Japan May Add More Fish Types To Catch Limits

Japan may add more fish types to catch limits

The Japanese government plans to expand catch limits to more types of fish in its surrounding waters. The aim is to make the country's commercial fishing industry more sustainable.

The government has drafted a plan that calls for new limits on 15 types of marine resources, including yellowtail and red sea bream.

Officials hope that by improving sustainability, total annual hauls will rise by more than 1 million tons over the next 10 years to 4.44 million tons.

Local fishing boats in Japanese waters have been hauling in smaller catches of various species every year. Officials blame rising seawater temperatures and other changes in the marine environment.

Japan currently has catch limits on eight types of fish, such as bluefin tuna and Pacific saury. The proposed additions mean 80 percent of domestic hauls would fall under the catch limits.

Government officials will consult experts and hear views from the public before finalizing the plan.