Japan May Introduce Haccp Food Safety Rules

Japan may introduce HACCP food safety rulesJapan's health ministry is planning to introduce international food safety standards to boost food exports.
A group of food safety experts on Monday began studying the feasibility of requiring food processing companies to adhere to the international Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points system.

HACCP requires companies to monitor and record key food production processes to prevent food hazards, including food poisoning.

While the US and the European Union obligate companies to obtain HACCP certification, Japan does not. Only about 30 percent of food processing firms in Japan are HACCP certified.

With the Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade pact likely to come into effect, the group is to look at ways to promote the safety of food products from Japan. They will also discuss how to support firms that apply for the certification.

Ministry officials are to study revising relevant laws after the group compiles a report on their studies by the year end.