Japan Plans To Introduce Drone Registry System

Japan plans to introduce drone registry system

The Japanese government plans to introduce a drone registry system amid a rise in drone-related incidents.

A decision on the plan was made at a meeting of senior officials from the transport ministry, the police and other government agencies on Wednesday.

The small, unmanned flying object is becoming more widespread in Japan. The decision comes amid growing concerns that drones could be used in terrorism. Officials also hope that such a system would help reduce drone-related incidents.

In 2015, a drone was found to have landed on the roof of the prime minister's office. In May this year, suspicious flying objects were spotted near the Imperial Palace and other locations in Tokyo.

Under the plan, drone owners and users are obliged to register online the serial numbers of their drones and contact information with the civil aviation bureau of the transport ministry.

The owners will also be required to display on the body of their drones a registration number issued from the bureau.

The government plans to submit to next year's regular Diet session a bill to amend relevant legislation, in order to launch the system as early as next fiscal year starting in April.

At Wednesday's meeting, officials also decided to submit to the Diet session an amended bill aimed at banning drone flights in airspace over major airports.