Japan Protests N.korea Over Collision In Eez

Japan protests N.Korea over collision in EEZ

Japan has lodged a protest against North Korea over a collision between one of its patrol ships and a North Korean fishing boat in Japan's exclusive economic zone.

The two ships collided in the Sea of Japan off the Noto Peninsula in Ishikawa Prefecture on Monday.

The crew members onboard the Japanese patrol ship told officials at the Fisheries Agency that they saw what appeared to be a North Korean fishing boat in Japan's EEZ and warned it to leave. They said the fishing boat suddenly approached and came into contact with their vessel.

Japan's Foreign Ministry lodged a strong protest through a diplomatic channel between embassies in Beijing. The two countries have no diplomatic ties.

They say the collision is a serious incident. There has been a series of reports about North Korean boats that engage in illegal fishing inside the Japanese EEZ.