Japan Rare Miyako Pony Breed Gives Birth To Foal

Japan rare Miyako pony breed gives birth to foalA farmer on Miyako Island is celebrating the birth of a foal, which is one of the most endangered horse breeds native to Japan.

This rare breed of pony is native to Miyako Island in Okinawa Prefecture.

Akihiro Nikadori owns a farm in Miyakojima City. On Saturday morning he found a newly-born female foal beside his 10-year-old mare, Mirei.

The foal instinctively snuggled up against her mother and began suckling.

Miyako horses were traditionally used for agriculture. However, their numbers continued to decline as farming became more mechanized.

The breed is believed to have the smallest population among horses indigenous to Japan. It has been designated by Okinawa Prefecture as a natural treasure.

With this latest birth, the number of Miyako ponies now stands at 35.

via NHK